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Chris Thorn moved up to Shropshire from Gloucester in 2008, where he worked as a Psychiatric Nurse for over 30 years.

Chris has had a passion for the Didgeridoo since 1996 when he was given a didgeridoo as a gift. Chris played it just as a hobby until he was invited to play in a band.

To improve his playing he had lessons with a Didgeridoo master, Sam Bloomfield from Stroud who is a healer involved in many forms of complimentary medicines.

Chris attended a Didgeridoo workshop run by Sam and learnt the amazing healing effects of the Didgeridoo.

The Didgeridoo is one of the oldest musical instruments known to man. It creates a sonic sound 500 times greater than a normal sound system. The low frequencies have a noticeable effect on living tissue and organs. It was used by the Aboriginis who played near sick people to help them heal. There is plenty of circumstantial evidence that the low vibrations of the Didgeridoo have a healing influence on our bodies and indeed our mind. Studies dating back to the 1970's using sound healing with the Didgeridoo showed remarkable beneficial effects on people with chronic back problems with a conclusion that the Didgeridoo bypasses the central nervous system and goes directly to the parts where the problem areas lie. People, previously completely paralysed, could actually move their limbs after a series of controlled sessions.

Chris is also a Reiki Master and combines both Reiki and Didgeridoo sound healing, having completed his Reiki training at the Penycoed Healing Centre which was situated in the grounds of Penycoed Riding Stables where he lived for 2 years.

Chris has regained his Spiritual faith he had as a child and this is fundamental in all of the healing he does.

Chris is also trained to diploma level in Indian Head Massage, Swedish and Hot Stone Massage having completed his diplomas with the Solace Acadamy, Shrewsbury.

The Penycoed Healing Centre found its way on the map after Chris took part in 3 radio interview's and a television appearance in 2009, when he starred on BBC Midlands Today, Radio 5 Live, BBC Radio Shropshire and BBC Radio Wales. In Ferbruary 2011 Chris was also filmed and interviewed by Al Arabian TV news which went out to 300,000 Worldwide.

Chris, who is affiliated to the College of Sound Healing, changed his name to 'The Chris Thorn Didgeridoo Healing Centre' in 2011. After leaving the Penycoed Healing Centre, he ran the Penybryn Healing Centre in Whittington. 

Chris also operates as a mobile therapist. Operating anything up to 30 miles from his base in Oswestry. Donations for travel happily received.

Now on offer therapies at his home in Brynhafod Road, Oswestry. 

Chris with son Marley

Like Father like son


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